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Top 3 Eride Outfitters in new HAMPSHIRE



Grove Hill Outfitters, Inc. is a veteran/family owned and operated outfitter. Their lodge is completely secluded in the heart of Maine on 600 acres located just north of Brownville Junction.

Their private hunting preserve is populated with trophy and meat-quality European Red Deer and Fallow Deer. They also offer some of the best free range Black Bear, Moose and Whitetail hunting in the Northeast. They specialize in combo hunts where you can hunt a Red Stag or a Fallow in the morning and a Black Bear in the afternoon and evening or add a Trophy from our preserve to your whitetail or moose hunt.

Grove Hill Outfitters, Inc. is happy to accommodate young or inexperienced hunters. They take great pride in helping young or new hunters of any age harvest their first deer or bear.

No matter if it’s a family hunt, a weekend with old friends or a gathering of co-workers, Grove Hill Outfitters will offer you a relaxing atmosphere and provide you an all-around first class experience where lifelong memories are made.

You can checkout their website using the following link.


Fat Racks was started in 2013 by 4 friends who wanted to provide an affordable, good quality, fair chase hunt for big deer. With 6 seasons under their belt now, improvements are being made weekly, and more bigger bucks are harvested each year. In Iowa last season we were able to give our hunters about a 90% shot opportunity at a 140'' mature buck or bigger. They hope to keep this up for next season as well!
Everyone involved with our Outfit has many years experience in providing a quality guided hunt. Located in Southern Iowa, and northern Missouri. They strictly manage over 5,000 acres of mature buck property. Their property already consists of established food plots and many great stand locations. Honestly they have more shooter bucks then they have hunters to shoot them. (Not a bad problem to have).
To ensure that their property has minimal hunting pressure, they will only be taking a limited number of hunters each season. To be sure they have optimal results, they prefer to leave our land vacant until the week of Halloween, when the rut begins. They feel that this will provide their clients with an action packed hunt of a lifetime!!
Fat Racks Outfitters have a 140'' minimum, or a mature buck rule. With a $1000 trophy fee (don't like to call it a fine) for an immature buck that gross scores less than 140''. They consider a 4 1/2 year old buck mature.
You can checkout their website using the following link.


The owners, Bob & Jaye Parker, established Stony Brook in 1980 because of their great appreciation of Maine’s vast wilderness and game. Both grew up in families that were hunting and fishing enthusiasts and it just seemed right that they wanted to share that knowledge and experience with others. They began this adventure and found it to be exactly what we envisioned.

They specialize in big game hunting and offer personalized professional outdoor adventures. Their commitment to you is to assist you in making your hunt productive as well as memorable. They offer Black Bear with hounds, Black Bear over bait, White Tail Deer, Moose and Bobcat hunts. Their hunter to guide ratio is 2 to 1 on Black Bear and Bobcat hound hunts, 5 to 1 on Black Bear over bait and Deer hunts and 1 to 1 on Moose hunts. They limit the number of hunters per week to match these ratios, thus keeping their commitment for personalized services. They provide all meals, lodging, transportation to and from the hunting area, and guiding services. Prices are all inclusive, with the exception of licenses and permits and there are no gate or hidden fees.

You can checkout their website using the following link.

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